Single animal stunning

BTG-6 with data logger

Animal Welfare Slaughter Ordinance – (EG) N° 1099/2009


The BTG-6 has 7 programmable stunning programs. Program 1 – 4 are preprogrammed for chicken, turkey, duck and goose. The stunning time is preset to 6 seconds, after the BTG-6 is switched off until the next animal is stunned.

At the moment of the first contact, the resistance (size of the bird) is measured, accordingly the device automatically gives the necessary voltage to the bird so that the prescribed stunning current (chicken 240mA with head flow) flows CONSTANTLY. This means that there is always 240 mA flowing in a small chicken or in a large tap.

-Optical and acoustic messages in the event of stunning errors and when the set point is reached

Stunning time

Electronic recording of the individual key parameters on an SD card


The following devices can be connected to the BTG-6:

– V-electrode

– Stunning tong