Plucking machine TRM 950 with door and collecting table

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Made from 2,0 mm thick stainless steel sheets, with a central feathers outlet, with a 1/2” waterring incl. flat fan nozzles, waterconnection 1/2”, including on-/off switch and CE – plug. 2,2kW, 400V, Power transmission > 3 belts

165Kg – Ø 950mm < 84dB

20-25 chickens each process. Ducks, geese and turkeys correspondingly less

Main advantages:

  • 30% more effective than plucking machines without a door and table
  • very easy cleaning
  • strongest construction
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Very effective, knobbed plucking fingers
  • 6 different designs can be ordered